Support, Training, Resources


Our technical staff have over 80 years experience servicing customer’s business telephone and data networks. If you are looking for a new system to replace your existing equipment, for an upgrade to your current equipment, or for a new service company that is responsive, please give us a call.

Day-To-Day Support

Warner Telecom Group provides technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service department provides excellent telephone support, remote maintenance, and on-site support.

We service phone an data systems from a variety of manufacturers:

  • NEC
  • Inter-Tel
  • Mitel 5000/MiVoice Office 250
  • TIE
  • Nitsuko
  • Norstar


All new systems installed by Warner Telecom Group come with end-user and administrator training.

For the end-user, we offer customized group setting classes with working telephones so users can follow along with training and try out the features of the new phones. Custom-made user guides are provided and online resources are available.

For system administrators, we offer one-on-one training for a more in-depth look at the telephone system. Administrators learn to make easy day-to-day program changes and move telephones around simply by using a desktop PC.

Resources/User Guides

Select from the links below to access our resources or user guides.

Warner Telecom's NEC Custom User Guides: Warner Telecom Mitel Custom User Guides Mitel MiVoice Office 250 User Guides NEC SV9100: NEC SV8100: NEC UX5000: NEC Aspire: NEC AspireMail: NEC Intramail: NEC/Nitsuko i-Series: NEC NVM Voicemail: NEC UltraMail Voicemail: